Featured Golf Tip: Finish Your Swing Left of the Target

Haven’t had enough golf in your life this week? Check out our featured golf tip.

– Your Friends at Coyote Creek Golf Club!

Featured Golf Tip: Finish Your Swing Left of the Target

First, place your hands on the grip, keeping the clubface square.  Then, aim the square clubface to the target on the line you established from behind the ball. The leading edge of your golf club will be at a right angle to the target line. 

Next, align your body (checking feet, thighs, hips, and shoulders) parallel and left of the target line, addressing the golf ball.

If you feel as if you are really left of your target, you will be aligned correctly. Do not align your body to the target…aim your club at the target and align your body left of the target! (For left-handers — right of the target)

Last, with confidence, trust your aim and alignment and make your best effort to create the shot. Even if you do not hit it perfectly, it will likely be on line, heading towards the intended target—a great miss!

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